The Wakening

Lera knew this could be a special night.  One she would always remember. She was meeting him. Lately any time with him had the potential to be something special.  But she had a feeling tonight would be different.  Well, she was right.

After a crash derails her plans, Lera Brooke wakes up months later to find her entire world has changed.


8 thoughts on “The Wakening

  1. Wow ! I am impressed and can’t wait to hear more. Although I am not surprised. You have always been creative …also creating 2 wonderful girls I am sure dad is very proud of. Love you, Joe

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  2. I must say, I started reading last night and couldn’t put it down!! finally couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell out around midnight. Thanks A lot – I am exhausted today!!
    But it was very intriguing!! I wanted to continue to read to find out what happened next!! Can’t wait to get home tonight to continue the adventure!!!

    This is great reading!!!

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