New Book Excerpt ~ Nightmare

Did some more writing over the weekend… here’s a peak.

I woke abruptly to a loud noise. What was that? It was quiet, dark, but not for long. There it is again, a scream, a child’s scream. I call out as loud as I can and I run frantically in the direction of her voice. I get to her and it’s still dark. I can’t seem to reach her, but I can see her. She’s not alone. There are men around her, three of them. They are towering over her, pulling her away against her will. Then in a flash of blue they are gone and a dark figure is standing in front of me. “This is your fault!” She yells at me. “You said you would help her? I trusted you!” She had tears in her eyes, eyes which were red with anger. Then I heard it- a shot. She had a gun and it was smoking from the end. That’s when I saw him, lying in a pool of blood. Someone was next to him, sobbing. It was me. Then instead of looking at the scene I was in it, cradling his lifeless body in my arms. I looked up at her with sorrow, anger, and vengeance radiating from within. “What have you done?”’ I asked her. Again she raised her gun, this time pointed at me. I heard the sound like a shock wave that ran though my soul. With a gasp I woke up screaming, soaked with sweat.


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