New Book Excerpt ~ Holly

I took a cold shower and put on a new shirt and jeans from the mall. Back in the living room, my hair was wet which made it harder to shake the chill. Dean noticed right away. “Want my sweatshirt?” He put it over my shoulders before I could answer. It smelled amazing.

“Thanks.” I said. He brushed the wet hair away from my face and let his hand linger a minute on my cheek before he stroked it downward towards my neck.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” Darren joked. I blushed and felt a little uncomfortable especially because Nick was right by his side.

“Guess you didn’t find what you were looking for.” Dean said noticing the guys were in the same clothes.

“No, we got distracted.” Nick said.

“By what?” I asked. Now I was curious

Darren popped out the back door and returned with the cutest little puppy. “With this!”

Darren named her Holly because he found her under a Holly tree in the front yard. We spent the morning playing with Holly and getting supplies for her- food, bowls, and toys.

By noon Dean seemed very annoyed. “Can we get back on track here? We still don’t know where we are, where anyone is for that matter.” He was right. The dog was a distraction from the obvious- we were at a dead end.


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