1 I am back from an awesome SCBWI conference in NY. Thanks to my brother for being a wonderful host, my sister for getting up early to babysit, and of course my husband, mother & father in-law, and my mother for making it possible for me to attend! I had a great time, learned a lot, and met so many interesting and supportive people. Most of them were pre-published writers like me trying to determine the next step. So what is the next step? Well, I have some plans.

Editing- This is something that goes on for a while. But in order to get to the next step with my book, whether it is self-publishing or sending out to agents/editors, I need to make sure the story is at its best. I got some great tips and advice on character development and outlining so I am all ready to go. In fact, I started this week.

Critique Group- I will be working with a critique group to help get much needed feedback on my book during the editing process.

Grants- Sure would be nice to have some professional help 🙂 So I am in the process of applying for a few writer’s grants that could help. It is a long shot…. but it is not even a possibility unless I try. So I am working on those grant proposals this week.

Aging- Ha! Having a birthday this month and turning an early milestone! Excited for the party my husband and family will be throwing for me.

I know this all sounds like more of the same, but I am setting some goals for myself and this editing process. Once I feel the book is more developed, I promise I will let my pre-editors read it again! I know I left you hanging only giving you part one and two of a three-part book. Sorry!

Hang in there… maybe I should ask you all for the deadline?



One thought on “Plans

  1. Awesome. You are a great communicator. Thanks for keeping us in the loop the way you do. I am so impressed at all you do and all that creativity!

    Let us know if there is any way to help. I wonder if we know anyone in the publishing business?




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