Author’s Notes

What an enlightening process! I never knew writing was like this. Stealing time to myself in the early morning or late at night, I would sit down at the computer and the words just came out. I didn’t necessarily know where the story was going. It seemed to direct itself. It has been a privilege to be a part of this process!

Thank you all for your support!

Oct 25, 2014- The first draft of The Wakening is done, currently editing… soon to start the next book in the series! Can’t leave our characters hanging!

~A Lynn


Oct 18- Worked 12 hours today, 9 hours yesterday.. still found time to write!

Do you know how close I am to finishing this story? Very… probably one chapter left (or a few little mini chapters). It is an amazing feeling! Still lots of work to do … need to go back and fix things, detail the smaller story lines, fill in gaps, setting, etc..

But the main story is just about complete! Ready for the next step! YAY


Finding time to write between dusk and dawn 🙂 Tough with everything else going on in my life.. but I love this book and want to see what happens!!!!

Thanks for your continued words of encouragement!   ~ A Lynn 10/11/14


I love this story and can’t wait to share it with you all. Can’t wait for the day I will see it in print. Still writing! Have the story outlined, so I know where it is going. At about 200 pages now. Still just need time to get it written. Waiting to hear from doctor on using my left hand this week. One-handed typing is slowing me down 🙂  Extended the self imposed deadline and now get to write in the autumn, my favorite season. Finding inspiration everywhere lately. Looking forward to going back and giving more depth to the characters.  Thanks for all the encouraging words and support!

~A Lynn   9/30/14



Thank you for checking out The Wakening. It is half way done and been so fun to write! But with a family and full time job finding time is tough. I gave myself to the end of the summer to finish… not sure I will make it. Fall is Sept 23.. so 19 days left. We will see. Keep posted..

~Auri Lynn, 9/4/14



Notes: Sept 19, 2014IMG_20140917_193338_902

Well 4 days left to my deadline… but had a little setback (fractured knuckle!)… wish me luck


5 thoughts on “Author’s Notes

  1. From time to time I think, “What the hell am I doing?”

    It’s not like it was a planned decision to write this book. It just happened and keeps happening. It is more like the book decided it needed to be written. ~A Lynn


  2. I hope your hand feels better. Can’t wait to read the book. My friends and I have a book club every Winter so i look forward to reading your book as a group. Maybe I can arrange to have you come up and speak to the group…..just saying. I wish you a quick and painless recovery. Love you!

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