Book Excerpt ~ Home

Once in the car, Cali falls asleep. I remember that cycle, eat, sleep, eat…“We will need to get some real food in her soon,” I say.

“Let’s go home,” Dean says.

Home… the thought rattles in my head as we are driving. No longer the place I remember where Mom’s inside making dinner and Tommy’s in the driveway working on a car. But for the first time since this all began it was nice to hear the word. With Dean, and now Cali, it is starting to feel like home. And already, somehow, the three of us feel like a family of our own.

Dean pulls the car into the empty driveway. Cali’s in the back seat asleep looking like an ordinary kid with a hint of a smile on her lips. I look over at Dean who is wearing that amazing smile I knew he had. My heart melts as I watch him swoop her into his strong arms so gently that she doesn’t wake up. I shut the door and follow him as he carries her into the house.

“Brendan’s room,” I say and run ahead of them. The room is dark and cold. I pull down a few blankets from the closet and find a candle so she will have some light. My mom has a million of those glass jar scented candles around. They seem pretty safe. I put it on the bedside table, then I hear my mom’s voice in my head. “Don’t fall asleep with that lit Lera,” she would say. With a sigh, I move the candle over to the high dresser across the room and go in search of matches. When I get back, I see Dean lowering Cali into the bed, the sun shining through her honey colored hair as it falls past his waist. He covers her with the blankets I had set out.


Anyone Feeling This?

Editing… like spending two years going back over and tightening ever thread on the sweater it took you a year to knit.   IMG_20150329_194934_213


We, he said we. I can feel the relief running through my body at those words.

^Playing with present tense. Love posting when it is a sentence or section that just seems right. ~@

Present Tense

Main Street looks like an empty movie set. I continue on in a trancelike state, holding on to buildings to steady myself. The first shop I run into is The Frosted Star bakery, minus the usual intoxicating smell of butter, flour, and sugar merging into some newly named bake good. The door is locked so I climb through an open window.


Changing my story from past tense to present has been a liberating experience. It feels like the story should have been this way all along. But it is a tedious process, so I decided to start up my WP posts again to keep momentum!

Wish me luck  ~  only on page 13.

Section 1 Edits

First round edits of section 1 of The Wakening are done!  Hoping to complete Section 2 early this week and Section 3 later in the week. Will keep you posted. Re-reading The Wakening after a few months away was really great! Made me remember why I LOVE this story and can’t wait to share it!

~ A Lynn

Children in the Outdoors Survey

There is still time to do the survey.. but I want to thank those who have already completed it. My goal is 30 people. In the first day 18 people completed it! YAY!

Also, I was working on the article tonight and took a look at some of the survey responses. Thank you all for your openness and honestly ~ I think this feedback is really going to help give this article depth because it will include multiple points of view and tips on this topic.

I can’t say it enough…. thank you! 🙂